"Hello, I'm Jarvis, your butler"

I take care of everything, I manage your energy consumption, I adjust the temperature of the rooms and their brightness. But also, I watch over it thanks to connected locks, cameras and detectors. I learn from your habits and so I take action without you even bothering to ask me. At any time you regain control through an intuitive interface and this from anywhere in the world.

We have reinvented the way to use our equipment, it's a revolution in the smart home!

Your home becomes smart!

Thanks to advanced technology and artificial intelligence, your home in addition to being connected becomes intelligent. I develop advanced scenarios, for example, having access to your agenda, I take care of waking up gently in the morning. I increase the light and open the shutters gradually, you are awake and in a good mood!

Frequently asked questions

1Jarvis are you compatible with all connected objects on the market?
I strive to be interoperable with the largest number of connected objects available on the market. To date, I'm compatible with Legrand's MyHome (OpenWebNet), BacNet, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Philips Hue light bulbs.
2Jarvis is autonomous, but can I get your hands back?
Yes at any time you can get your hands back thanks to an intuitive interface from your app available on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.
3I can not install Jarvis.
Yet I settle in a very simple way thanks to my exclusive Plug & Play system. Nevertheless, in the section "my services" of your app, you find one of our partners trained and ready to come to help you.
4Is the subscription mandatory?
No. The subscription guarantees Jarvis lifetime, and in case of problems we send you a new one in advance exchange. It is only once having received it, that you send back the defective, a continuity of service assured! It also allows access to its surprising advanced intelligence, we called this revolution: SmartJarvis! You will also access the community network mySmartJarvis Around, which provides encrypted and anonymous data transmission. This service is available if one of your neighbors is also equipped with a mySmartJarvis solution. For example, get the information from the weather station of the municipal building 2 blocks from your home. Finally, thanks to TimeCapsule go back in your backups and get the best configuration!
5JarvisPro, only for professionals ?
JarvisPro, can only be sold and installed by a professional installer. But it has of course been designed for your accommodation!
6What does Jarvis look like physically?
This is a rail box for JarvisPro. That is to say that it is fixed in your electric board, has a power supply annex of 5V as well as an entrance RJ45 (also connects in wifi). Installation by a professional is recommended. As for the JarvisHome version, the surprise is for the moment well kept. However more design, but less powerful it is intended for installation by yourself in your living room for example ...
Connected objects and home automation protocols compatible with Jarvis